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Poseidon Sidemount Package

Poseidon Sidemount Package

Part Number:ANDPposeidonSM
Part Number Description Qty Options
0100-007 Xstream Duration G5/8" (no hose) 2 -
HL304 Highland Thin Line SPG PSI 2 -
MHP06-CN Miflex 6" HD High Pressure 2 -
MLP84-BK Miflex 84" LP Hose - Black 1 -
MLP22-BK Miflex 22" LP Hose - Black 1 -
8040 DUAL SWIVEL ADAPTER 360 degree 3 -
0100-007H Xstream Duration G5/8" w/ Hose 27.5" O2 Clean 1 Select

This package includes all necessary parts for building a Poseidon XStream Duration Sidemount regulator set, as well as a Poseidon XStream Duration kit for an O2/deco regulator, and Shearwater Perdix 2 Titanium Black. This package is suitable for Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures students. 

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