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Wide angle lens for Compact Cameras (M52)

Wide angle lens for Compact Cameras (M52)


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Part Number:KRL-02 Manufacturer: Kraken Sports

The KRL-02 wide wet lens is a ultra wide conversion lens. At 24mm, it has a 150 degree field of view! It is designed with a 52mm thread mount to easily mount to the lens port on your housing. Compatible with all of the Olympus TG cameras (1-5) with no adapter required. Also compatible with any other compact with a 24mm equivalent lens. Because this lens is 24mm it will match up perfectly with the Olympus tough cameras, you will get no vignetting (dark corners). With no vignetting this means you won’t have to zoom at all so you won’t loose any of your wide angle. The lens is also zoom through capable. KRL-02 has 5 elements, and 5 groups. The optical glass lens has a multi layer BBAR coating for anti reflection and optical clarity. The dome is made out of an easy repairable optical grade polycarbonate. Includes handy travel case, shade, neoprene dome cover, and lens cap. Zoom through capable. 

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