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5 Snorkeling Tips for First Timers

Pat Green   Sep 21, 2021

When you travel someplace exotic on vacation, soaking up the sun and splashing in the tranquil waters will no doubt be a real highlight of your trip. And if you get a chance to experience the natural beauty of that locale, all the better. It’s no wonder why snorkeling is such a special pastime for so many families. But if you’ve never gone snorkeling before, the prospect can be a bit intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together five snorkeling tips perfect for beginners in today’s post. Before you set out to explore the ocean blue, keep these recommendations in mind.

Get Gear That Fits: Firstly, you’ll need to either rent or buy snorkeling gear that’s a good fit for your face and body. Your snorkeling mask should fit snugly to prevent leaks. You’ll also need to look at other snorkeling equipment, including fins. Your fins should be neither too tight nor too close, as either extreme can cause discomfort or even cause you to lose a fin during your snorkeling session. Choosing to snorkel with fins can improve your safety and your technique, as you’ll be more mobile with help from this equipment. You may also want to look into a snorkel vest or a wet suit, though these garments are not essential. Although recreational diving and snorkeling brings in approximately $11 billion every year, you can ask your instructor beforehand which items are vital and which are optional.

Practice Your Breathing: Getting into the water for the first time can be a bit nerve-racking, so don’t make this the first time you try out your snorkeling gear. You should practice with everything you’ve rented or purchased in an area with shallow, calm water. That might be in one end of a pool or on a peaceful part of the beach. You’ll need to train your body to feel comfortable breathing through the snorkel, so give yourself plenty of time to get used to this sensation. If you do it enough, it will start to feel natural — and that will help once it’s officially time to explore.

Go Slow and Stay Calm: One of our best snorkeling tips is to not put pressure on yourself to speed through the process. Snorkeling is an activity that’s meant to be savored and enjoyed. In addition, swimming too quickly can be exhausting even for advanced swimmers. That can have a negative impact on your breathing and cause you to forget everything you’ve practiced. Take it slow and stay relaxed throughout this process. Unless it’s absolutely necessary for your personal safety, you should swim at a leisurely pace (or even simply float along).

Choose the Right Location: When it comes time to choose a snorkeling experience, you may have a few options available to you. If you’re able to, you should consider an outing that originates from a beach, rather than from a boat. That’s because even the idea of having to jump off a boat into deeper water to commence your adventure can be enough to convince beginners to not even try. A beach snorkeling excursion will take the pressure off and will make the whole experience seem more accessible. Expert snorkeling tips say that the spot you choose should also be calm, so you may want to reschedule if the ocean is uneasy. Of course, you’ll want to snorkel in an interesting location that provides a lot to see. But make sure to do your research and check local conditions before you set out.

Respect Your Limits: One of the most important snorkeling tips to keep in mind is to recognize your own limits and to not push your own boundaries. You might feel like you’re not doing enough to keep up with an experienced snorkeler, but you must remember that everyone goes at their own pace. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing out into deeper waters, listen to that instinct. Even if you decide not to try snorkeling during this trip, you shouldn’t feel guilty or embarrassed about listening to your body and mind. Once you feel ready and supported, you’ll be in a better state to try out this incredible experience.

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