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Guided Shore Dives Divemaster led shore dives at the St Andrews State Park. 20-75' depths are possible on the wall created by the jetties. Great for photographers and certified divers of all experience levels.   Guided Shore Dive Reservations  

“Inshore” (4 Hours) Inshore Wrecks– Are our shallower shipwrecks with profiles in depths 50-75' and out about 7 miles. We conduct two dives on two different dive sites. These dive charters are open to all certified divers.    Charter Reservations  

OffShore Wrecks (5 Hours) – Deeper wrecks with profiles from 70-110' about 12-14 miles out.  RESERVATIONS

3 Tank Offshore Wrecks 3 Tank Offshore Wrecks- These all day charters are the best way for experienced divers to see the bigger deeper and more remote wrecks like the Gray Ghost. RESERVATIONS

Night Dives At night you see the same inshore wrecks with many more colors. RESERVATIONS

Empire Mica Dive Charters Empire Mica Charters–  The 436' Empire Mica is the largest war wreck in the Gulf. She sits on the bottom 60 miles from Panama City in 110' of water. Advanced Certified Divers and up only please its 110' deep. 

Liveboat Lionfish/Spearfishing Liveboat Lionfish/Spearfishing– These are natural limestone reefs and small artificial reefs in 90-120' excellent for lionfish hunting, spearfishing and lobstering or seeing what the natural reef habitat looks like.