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Dive Charters

We offer daily dive charters in the morning and afternoon. The Steel Slinger and Narcosis are our 36' Newton Dive Boats. They are custom made just for diving, and make getting into and out of the water very easy. Panama City is known for its Shipwrecks and Bridge Spans. Our dive charters typically go to one of each on a two tank trip. Our dive sites normally have visibility from 30-40' and dense shoals of bait and all the larger reef fish that are attracted by them. The 400-600lb resident goliath groupers are reliably encountered on all of our dive sites.


We offer two main types of trips; standard and offshore, as well as some specialty trips we run less regularly. Charters are two tank trips unless otherwise noted and individuals are always welcome. Our Divemasters onboard will help you find a buddy if you don't have one.

Standard Dive Charters go to the relatively shallow wrecks with depth profiles from 55-75'

Offshore Wrecks/Spans are deeper, from 75-110'. Advanced-Adventure or Deep Certifications are required. (These Wrecks are awesome, mostly intact and upright and larger than inshore)

We also offer;

Spearfishing Charters- These liveboat spearing charters are for lionfish and reef fish in 100'. Advanced-Adventure or higher certification with Nitrox is required. Experienced Shooters only. If you want to learn to spearfish, please consider taking our class. Pricing is for the whole boat.

Night DIves- We offer night dive charters during the warmer months of the year. We do two dives on on the same site, one at twilight to help get oriented on the site and one after sunset in darkness.

Deep Stim- This retired 240' Oil Field fracking vessel has been retired and repurposed and a fantastic deepwater dive site. The sand is 135' so Advanced-Adventure or Deep Certs w/ Nitrox is required for this dive site. She's 34 miles out so this is a 6-8 hour charter limited to just 10 divers since its a long run out and back.

Empire Mica- The vicitim of a U-Boat in WWII, this 450' long wreck 50 miles off Panama CIty Beach is one of a kind. Advanced-Adventure with Nitrox Required. This is a very special remote trip that takes all day. We also limit the space available to 10 divers due to the length of the trip.



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Availability: Contact us for booking information

Join us for one of our dive charters! Rental Gear is available in the reservation portal if you need anything. Please note that tanks are not included in our prices as many local and nearby customers have their own. Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours out are refundable and if we cancel due to the weather you get a full and immediate refund.

Divers descend to a bridge span below the dive charter

Goliath Grouper on a Bridge SpanScuba diver explores a shipwreck from a Panama City Beach dive charterScuba Divers inside a bait shoal under our dive charter

Slinger Charters

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