Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

  • OffShore Wrecks (5 Hours)

OffShore Wrecks (5 Hours)

– Deeper wrecks with profiles from 70-110' about 12-14 miles out. These sites are beyond open water (60') training limits. Advanced-Adventure or equivelent is required... and it's worth it. The deeper wrecks and spans are largely fully intact and upright, have better visibility and more fish due to less fishing pressure. If you arent yet certified to go this deep you can sign up for the deep diver specialty as an add-on and we'll train you on this trip and certify you if you sucewssfully complete the training objectives.


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Advanced Certification is required due to the depths on these wrecks. Wrecks include the El Dorado, Chippewa, Accokeek, Twin Tugs, BJ Putnam, Commander, and Stage 1 as well as the DuPont Bridge Spans and the remaining Hathaway Spans. Nitrox is strongly encouraged. (If you would like to get your nitrox cert we offer that for $125 and it only takes a few hours)

Prices are listed for the boat trip only without rental as many of our customers have their own gear. There is no charge for the use of our lead weights which we have plenty of on the boat.

Reservations for private and custom charters are also possible by calling the shop.

Advanced Certification is required for Offshore and Lionfish trips due to the depths and nature of the dives. All trips are open to the public and subject to a minimum number of divers signed up to run. Please self evaluate your skill set before signing up for a boat trip, if its been awhile we recommend doing a shore dive at the state park  first so you will get the most of your time (and money) when you go on the boat.




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