• “Inshore” (4 Hours)

“Inshore” (4 Hours)

Inshore Wrecks– Are our shallower shipwrecks with profiles in depths 50-75' and out about 7 miles. We conduct two dives on two different dive sites, usually a bridge apan and a shipwreck. These dive charters are open to all certified divers and the structures have depths profiles from 55-75'. 60' is an ideal depth to spend your dive. 



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This is our most common dive charter. Certified Openwater divers (and above) only. Wrecks include the Black Bart, USS Strength and the Red Sea as well as the Hathaway Bridge Spans 1, 2, 12, and 14. The use of Nitrox is encouraged. Goliath groupers are seen on almost every dive, large bait shoals, pelagic fish and many species of reef fish are always present. Invasive Lionfish are less commonly found here and are usually removed by the dive charters that frequent these sites.


Please note that while there is a DM on the boat to help facilitate and execute a safe dive, these are not guided dives. They will be there and they will show you all the cool things but you are free to explore at your own pace.  We expect divers to safely monitor their own air supply and bottom time and navigate back to our line. Unlike many Carribean dive experiences where the divers just ascend to the surface, we are made fast to the wreck with lines and unable to do that, nor would it be a safe practice given the fishing pressure in Florida. If this sounds like its not for you please consider a guided shore dive, a private charter where we would love to cater to you and your specific skill and comfort level, or consider a a specialty class where you can gain experiece under the direct supervision of an instrutor.

Prices are listed for the boat trip only without rental as many of our customers have their own gear. There is no charge for the use of our lead weights which we have plenty of on the boat.

Reservations for private and custom charters are also possible by calling the shop.

Hathaway Bridge Span Dive Site



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