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Are You Snorkeling For the First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips For You

Pat Green   Sep 21, 2021

Snorkeling is a fun, educational experience that can be a little scary if you’ve never done it before. People might be afraid for several reasons, including getting lost, not being able to breathe, and getting injured. Here are some tips to make the experience more enjoyable for anyone snorkeling for the first time.

Practice in a comfortable place

You may think that you can just dive right into the water and start exploring, but snorkeling is a little more complicated than that. Before you get in the ocean, you should practice in a pool or a calm, shallow beach. You want to get used to breathing through your snorkel and moving around with your equipment on so you’re comfortable for the real thing.

Make sure your snorkeling equipment is comfortable

Before you jump in the water, you want to make sure all your gear feels comfortable. Even the best snorkels and snorkeling masks take getting used to if you’ve never worn them before. You also want to make sure everything fits properly so you don’t risk water getting into your gear.

Ask questions

When you decide to go snorkeling, there should be an expert around to help you. If you’re on vacation and there’s a guide, make sure you ask whatever you need to get comfortable with the excursion. If you’re going out on your own, ask the assistant at the shop where you bought your gear to answer any basic questions you may have.

Remain calm

One of the most important rules of snorkeling is to remain calm. It’s not uncommon for people to panic the first time they try snorkeling, but this can be dangerous. Just give your body time to adjust and you will be surprised how natural it feels to snorkel.

Recreational snorkeling and diving bring in about $11 billion to the U.S. GDP every year, making it a very popular recreational activity. If you’re traveling for vacation and want to try snorkeling, or even if you want to try it in a body of water near your home, don’t be scared. Try out these tips before you hit the water to make your first snorkeling experience a great one.