Double Daily Dive Charters!!!

Pat Green   Feb 10, 2024

dive charters

Okay, so we did a thing...

We purchased the dive boat Narcosis from our colleagues at Dive Locker and will be using her to run dive charters this year. First things first though, we're going to pull the existing engine and replace it with a newer more efficient, clean, and powerful engine like we did for the Steel Slinger in 2020. We hope to have her up to speed and looking pretty before April to run our dive trips on!

This is very exciting for us and we envision being better able to cater to the needs of varying levels of dive training simultaneously. So if you want to dive the inshore wrecks like the Black Bart, USS Strength, and Red Sea or if you want to go to the DuPont Spans and Accokeek or Chippewa Offshore.... or even the Empire Mica, Deep Stim, Zinnia or Ozark on custom offshore charters, we will have a boat for you!


The Dive Staff are hard at work getting her ready to run! Stay tuned for our "after" pictures!


Panama City Dive Boat Narcosis            Dive Charter Staff      Dive Boat Engine