New Year New Gear

Pat Green   Jan 20, 2022

New Year New Gear

If you're reading this I'd like to congratulate you for making it to 2022!!! We have some exciting changes and additions for the shop in the coming weeks and I'd like to fill you in on them. It seems like more and more people have discovered the desire to explore technical dive training with us. In response to that increased demand you'll soon be seeing DUI drysuits as well as Poseidon Regulators and Waterproof Semi-Dry Suits.... all available to rent and buy in the dive shop.  These brands are well known for being the very best available on the market, and we're happy to see the demand to carry them in the shop. You can expect to see scooters from SubGravity and Sharkskin rashguards and base layers alittle further down the road as well. Our new compressor and membrane system is currently a casualty of the supply chain woes but that should be here too any day now... at least the sales guy that took our money says that's the case ;) 

Since we have just putting opening orders with these brands out now, if you've always wanted a Poseidon Black Edition regulator anything from DUI or Waterproof let us know and we'll get it in on the opener!  

Lastly, since our tech instructor technically works full time for the Navy Experimental Dive Unit, if you want to take one of our classes you may want to start the discussions on scheduling it now since he only has so many weekends free to dedicate to AN/DP and Trimix classes. Greg can be reached at