Re-Opening May 11th

Pat Green   Sep 21, 2021

If wearing your dive gear to the grocery store was as close as you’ve been to diving…… We are very pleased to announce our dive shop will be back open for business on Monday May 11th. We will resume dive charters opening the following weekend. However, born out of an abundance of caution, we will not be back to business as usual. Given that we are a destination for travelers from abroad and a community hang out for locals we intend to do our very best to keep the inherent risk minimized. We will have face masks and hand sanitizer for our customers if they do not have their own inside the shop. We will be further reducing the capacity of the Steel Slinger from 14 passengers to 8. I suspect we will also be adjusting to changes in recommendations on the fly as well, so we ask for everyone’s consideration as we work through these times together, patience and kindness are the order of the day.

While we’ve been closed, we re-powered the engine on the Steel Slinger so in addition to more space onboard you’ll have a quieter, cleaner and faster ride to the dive sites. It turns out there were some technological upgrades in the 12 years since the old John Deere was cutting edge! We have new thick seat cushions on the benches and new electronics as well. All that said we are very much looking forward to diving with you all again. The water is 72* on the bottom and mid May-June averages some of the best vis of the year, especially on those offshore wrecks.

We’ll have the phone back on soon to take your call, but if you have any diving or charter questions until then please email us and we’ll do anything we can to help.