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You Should Never Do These 3 Things After Scuba Diving

Pat Green   Sep 21, 2021

Scuba diving and snorkeling can be so much fun and lead to unforgettable life experiences. Whether you’re going in the water for the first time ever or you’ve been snorkeling and diving for years, there are plenty of things you need to focus on and remember each time you get in the water.

At all times, safety remains your top priority. In order to avoid serious underwater health concerns, you should take scuba diving lessons beforehand, purchase quality diving and snorkeling gear, and talk to an experienced diver about any scuba and snorkeling tips that will help.

Wearing the right diving and snorkeling gear can save your life. The ocean’s average depth is 12,000 feet deep and you want to make sure your equipment can handle all kinds of underwater pressure. Though you’re much more at risk while you’re actually in the water, there are a few things that can cause serious harm after a diving session, as well.

Here are a few things you should never do after diving or snorkeling:

Drinking alcohol — Scuba diving is a popular vacation activity. So is drinking. These two activities should never be followed by the other, however. Drinking alcohol right after a dive can impact the way your body eliminates its excess nitrogen. Having a single drink probably isn’t all that bad, but anything more than that can mask the symptoms of decompression sickness and cause serious problems.

Getting a massage — Getting a massage is another great vacation activity. If you dive on a weekend, you should be fine to get a massage a few days later, but don’t schedule one for immediately after your dive. Getting a massage could increase your risk of decompression sickness, as well.

Get on a plane — If you’re planning on diving during a trip, try and schedule it for early in the week and not towards the end. Flying after a dive is dangerous because air pressure lessens when you fly, resulting in concerning nitrogen levels. Waiting a day or two before flying will reduce the nitrogen in your blood.

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