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Discover Scuba Diving

This is an ideal tour for people that love snorkeling and want to take it to the next level. If you have always wanted to check out scuba without committing to a whole weekend of training, this is the class for you. There is an online academic component and a medical questionaire that need to be completed before you come in for the dive, followed by a closely supervised dive in the Gulf of Mexico with all gear included. We will assign an eLearning code to your email after booking. No Experience required, although we do require that you know how to swim.

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If you know how to swim and want to explore the undersea realm we’d be happy to take you! The dives will be done at the St Andrews State Park in the shelter of the rock jetties, after you have completed the brief online academic portion and reviewed the medical questionnaire. Divers come here to dive from all over the Southeast. There are Rays, mullet, groupers, sheepshead, flounder, urchins anemones, spadefish, redfish, crabs, snails and more.

This is a great experience for people without the 3 days to dedicate to a full certification class. Many of our DSD students enjoy it so much they plan their next visit around getting Open Water certified! This class is fairly contingent upon good weather and tides, please call in advance to schedule! Ages 12 and up only due to the size of the dive gear. We typically run these classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday but we are pretty flexible and can set something up with a day’s notice if you want to go diving. To reserve your class all you need to do is call the shop (or email) and confirm that we have the availability on the day you want to go. If inclement weather forces us to cancel the class we’ll give you a full refund on the spot!

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