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Divemasters are rescue divers who have decided to “Go Pro” into the world of diving. They lead other certified divers on excursions and charters and assist Instructors teaching classes.


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Divemasters must demonstrate mastery of dive theory and all core dive skills as well as complete an internship under an active scuba instructor. Divemaster candidates will sit in on charters and classes to pickup and fine tune their skills needed to accept leadership roles in the dive community as part of their internship. Divemasters must have 60 logged dives by the completion of their internship, at a bare minimum. Since they are responsible for leading groups of certified divers and assisting instructors with uncertified divers, they are required to carry liability insurance.

* Training can take up to as long as several weeks to complete depending on the rate at which students master the skill sets and cooperative weather and water conditions. You can begin the internship at any time with the eLearning and contact us to schedule the in person portion to learn the trade. Your total cost is $650 out of pocket, the bulk of which is the eLearning and the rest is a fee to us to cover pool, park, and boat fees during the class.


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