Paragon 26 Wing BK/RD

Paragon 26 Wing BK/RD


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Part Number:SG1106.26.BR Manufacturer: Subgravity

To eliminate the need for heavy and bulky single tank adapters, the Paragon Wing has built in (and removable) polymer inserts which act as tank stabilizers, holding the tank securely in place using only the supplied metal cam-bands.  This reduces bulk, weight and allows the tank to sit significantly closer to the diver’s back improving balance and streamlining. 

Another common area of concern for backplate and wing single tank BCDs is the “taco effect” caused by the wing wrapping around the cylinder, thus creating stability issues as well as making it difficult for the diver to vent gas.  To solve this issue, we created simple bungee retainers integrated into the wing that attach to the diver’s harness.  While seemingly a very simple feature, the wing retainers greatly improve the diver’s experience by keeping the wing streamlined to the diver’s body without compromising lift capacity.

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