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Discover Scuba Diving Discover Scuba Diving

If you have ever been snorkeling and want to take it to the next level, our scuba diving classes are for you! Our Discover Scuba class is perfect for the first timer down on vacation with only so much time to squeeze in everything they want to do. Now is a great time to learn to scuba dive and start a new adventure. If you know you love scuba and want to earn a lifetime certification to dive, we can do that too. The first level of dive training requires 3 days of water training as well as some online eLearning. Our Openwater certification classes are Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week, with custom private classes available during the week.

Dive Charters Dive Charters

Our dive charters are the Steel Slinger and Narcosis,  based out of Treasure Island Marina. These dive boats are custom made 36′ Newton dive specials. She is USCG inspected for 30 regular passengers or 20 divers…. but we limit dive trips to just 14 scuba divers to insure comfort and space for everyone. The dive charters head to local shipwrecks and metal bridge spans that aggregate massive schools of our scaly friends. All of our charters are open to the public if there is space, and we usually run 2 trips a day during the season. Please note that the dive charters described as “Offshore” require advanced certification due to the deeper depths.

Tech Diving

We teach Technical Scuba Classes from TDI. Technical divers explore beyond the limits of recreational diving. This can be deeper, longer, overhead and on more exotic gas mixtures to manage narcosis and decompression obligations. If you are an accomplished diver and want to see the deep end of the pool... this is how you get there. Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures, Trimix, Advanced Trimix and more are available with us. Greg Murphy PhD is our technical instructor when he isn't busy with his day job at the Navy Experimental Dive Unit across the street. If you want a fun class with an expert in the field using the highest quality gear with fully inclusive prices, we have you covered.

Spear Fishing Spearfishing

Spearfishing is essentially bow hunting underwater. It is neither easy to master, nor is it cheap to get into….. but it’s more addictive than crack. If you want to get clean, ethical and non-industrial protein that doesn’t have any hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics and you don’t mind wearing life support equipment to “go shopping” – this might be for you. We offer charters for very experienced divers that want to spearfish as well as closely supervised Introduction to Spearfishing classes, where we teach you the basics and guide you on a spearfishing dive.

Group Dive Travel: